About EduQuest PD

EduQuest PD is a community of educators engaged in self-directed professional development. We are here to learn from and with one another, discover new ideas and share our knowledge.

EduQuest PD is built with EduQuest – a tool that supports blended learning and empowers student voice and choice. Anyone can sign up and create their own EduQuest website.

About EduQuest

Teachers design badges, based on rich tasks and big ideas. Teachers provide any learning materials or resources necessary and make the success criteria for each badge clear. Students are also welcome to co-create badges and success criteria with their teachers.

Students login to EduQuest and are able to direct their own learning goals by choosing the badges they would like to earn. Students explore and work at their own pace. During class time, students are able to seek clarifications from the teacher and learn collaboratively with their peers while working towards their goals.

Badge icon "Battery (6657)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons Public DomainThere are no due dates. Students hand in evidence of learning through EduQuest as soon as they have met the learning goal. Teachers are notified and have the opportunity to comment and provide feedback. If success criteria has been met, teachers approve the badge. If there’s still more work to do, students have the opportunity to review teacher feedback and resubmit as many times as needed.

Over time, students build a portfolio of badges and accumulate points, showing off their learning journey and celebrating their successes.

EduQuest can also be used to deliver self-directed professional development. Anyone is welcome to use this EduQuest PD site which is and will always be free. Boards, districts or schools wishing to create their own custom content can sign up and create their own EduQuest website aligned to their own professional development goals.

About Erica Armstrong

EduQuest and EduQuest PD are created by Erica Armstrong. She currently teaches elementary French and Technology but has at one point taught every grade from kindergarten to grade 12, with subjects ranging from math to social sciences. She has specialists in special education as well as integration of information and computer technology in instruction. Erica is Google for Education Level 1 & 2 Certified and a Google for Education Certified Innovator.

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