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  • I think it would be incredible if, in 2020, any ELL students could just wear a device in their ear which would translate the English they hear into the language of their choice, and then a second device that, when they spoke, it would come out as English. I’m pretty sure we already have the first part but it still makes some pretty big glitches and we have the second part, but there’s still a big pause between when you put in the words and when it translates. I envision something much more fluid than Google translate.

  • 2020 is only 4 years away! I like the idea that students can work at their own pace. Students who master concepts quickly can keep moving and don’t have to wait for others to catch up. Those who need more practice to learn concepts can to that, as well. Most of us have been both types of learners at some point or another. I think connecting students with community members to help them learn and practice content is also a key to learning. What’s old is new again – like the apprentice system.

  • Je suis contente que tu es venue!

  • Interesting…I enjoy testing new ways to learn. Keeps me learning and engaged too!

    • I admire the way you dive into technology. I am intrigued by the power of tech learning and am proceeding…but baby steps for me!!

  • I really enjoyed the video! I believe the students can be Leaders in their education.

  • My vision for the suture of education is that students will not be limited by credit systems where they must complete a required course in a set amount of time. I think that an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to learn in a just in time fashion rather than grouping them by age is the way that we need to go to really support innovation in education. Why do we set limits to when and where students learn? This just doesn’t make sense!

  • My vision for 2020 is that we might have advanced technology to use as head wear to learn all the necessary things on the topic students are learning. I think that all the information will be transferred into our heads but we still need to memorize the information in case of advanced technological tests and quizzes to decide our jobs.

    I think to get to our goal we have to work hard and keep testing new ways to use technology. We would need to use different strategies, such as trial and error to figure out what went wrong or what made this better than the previous try. Many people need to work together towards this goal. Alone we might not accomplish our goal, but together we can work our way through.

    • “Wearable” technology is certainly a trend right now. More and more information is easily available to us. It will be interesting to see how far this trend will go.

      What do you think about school? Does it need to change? Do teachers need to do anything differently to better prepare students?

      I appreciate that you are joining in and sharing your opinions! It’s really important to have the voice of students here!

  • This is really cool.

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